Erotic Date with Gina

Erotic Date with Gina

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Stoper
Copywriter Lucky
Game Link [Play Force One]
Release Date April 23, 2015
Version 0.92


Dating has changed over years. Some find their dates from online profiles others through mutual friends. But Gina and Danny's story has more chance than anything and feels like a story you would read in a modern fairy tale than anything.

Danny and Gina met one day when he delivered a package to her place of work and immediately fell in love on sight. So much so he changed his route to be sure he would deliver to her office almost daily to see her and talk to her. Gina thought he was cute and the fact he talked to her and kept his eyes on hers and not eye her up like all the other men in her office.

After a month of seeing her while he made his deliveries, he finally asked her out on a date. She agreed and now the easy part is done. Danny now has to try and show Gina a good time and that he is not simply a delivery guy and can be so much more with her.