Living with Temptation 2


Producer Leonizer
Visuals Yamyoda, Szuga
Copywriter Iksanabot
Game Link []
Release Date Spetember 13th, 2016
Version 0.97


It's been a year since we last heard from Justin, Tracy and Lisa. Lisa went back to Canada to finish school and came back again to babysit, while Tracy and Justin stayed and raised their son. And all seemed well.

Then, out of the blue, Richard, Justin's cousin, sends an invite for Jutsin and his family to join him in Europe for the summer. If Justine knows anything about his competitive, egotistical cousin, he will try to get his hands on his beautiful wife and even Lisa! But Justin hopes to turn the tables on his cousin and maybe show Tracy or Lisa or both that he is the better man!




  • On February 1, 2015, LoP announced that a sequel to Living with Temptation was underway. Then at the end of June, location renderings for the game were released.
  • June 30th, 2015, LoP showed the background renders for the game
  • On July 31st, 2015, the first renders were released with the stamped title Living with Temptation 2: Romantic Getaway. Upon the release date the title changed to Family Affairs.
  • On March 14th, 2015, LoP updated that the games renders were still underway.
  • On September 8, 2016 LoP updated that the game will be released on 13 September 2016.