Seducing the Throne

Seducing the Throne

Producer Leonizer
Visuals Chestnut Shuffles
Copywriter Iksanabot
Release Date November 4th, 2015
Version 0.98


Anthony Hailing was once a proud member of a strong and political family, until the death of their king and his parents sent the world into chaos. But one night, a letter from one of your dear friends, Lord Bigtoes, summons you to the city to tell you that you secretly are the true heir to throne. Now you have 30 days to try to retake the throne, find love or become a hero.




  • During the quest "Clear Out the Butcher's Cellar", Anthony will mention that the rodents are of unusual size. This is a reference to the American film The Princess Bride, where the main character says the same thing about large rats.
  • The character Lord Bigtoes, is a pun on Game of Throne character, Petyr Baelish who people call, Littlefinger.
  • Upon release, it is the biggest game at over 1GB of files.
  • On November 14th 2016, Leonizer told players that an expansion was in the works for Seducing the Throne.